Fruit Juice

by Happy Meals

  • Fruit Juice 12" Vinyl

    Happy Meals - Fruit Juice
    Night School Records
    12" Vinyl with download and hand-marble-paint-dipped sleeve
    Released May 2016

    Side A
    1. Run Round
    2. Là Là-bas
    3. If You Want Me Now

    Side B
    1. Fruit Float
    2. Suivez Moi
    3. Now That You Have Me

    Fruit Juice Press Clippings:

    "From abstract and ambient soundscapes, through lopsided Europop songs, to upbeat wallops, Fruit Juice is a superb showcase of the sheer range of Happy Meals’ diverse talents but there’s also an intelligent coherence to the duo’s sound, and the act of nailing those two things is no easy feat. Certainly, the extra space provided by an album-length release would allow the pair to explore their many ideas to greater fulfilment. Indeed, like a grown adult who’s been served only a kids’ portion, Happy Meals leave you hungry for more. Hopefully next time they’ll offer up a super-sized helping." - The Playground

    "Ultimately, Happy Meals don’t really sound quite like anyone else: there’s a strangeness to their music that marks them as unique. It’s not just that acts less brave would shy away from including an ambient flute solo at the midpoint of an EP (‘Fruit Float’) or ending on an analogue acid cosmic workout that samples a previous track (‘Now You Have Me’) – but it does indicate the lack of compromise that makes Fruit Juice so thrilling. Happy Meals are not afraid to risk looking silly, and it’s that mix of fearlessness and focus that stops them from doing so." - God Is In The TV

    "The convulsion to dance is a clear example of how Fruit Juice brings the freedoms associated with the scenes Happy Meals have borrowed sounds from, Italo disco, 1980s synth pop, acid house and various other flavours from around the planet.

    The centrepiece of this EP is worth leaving the house for to hear live, ignoring the feeling of undiluted elation you will get from the rest of their set. The familiar timbres, synth pads and acid house arpeggios; a dictionary of coded equipments; TB303, LM-1, 606s, Polysix are blended into a superb fruit float. On record and live the chemistry of couple Cook and Rodden not only comes through in the playful musical conversations, but deals with themes the duo in place of aggression share; an inviting intimacy to the listener.

    In contradiction to their name, Happy Meals have nothing artificial about them, Fruit Juice and their recent live performance fresh in my mind, all that can be said is that they are pure and all heart." - Ravechild

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released October 15, 2016



Happy Meals Glasgow, UK

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